Westhoughton History Group



A number of videos have been produced both for the History Group and the Westhoughton Community and may be viewed at


History Group Videos

  1. The launch of the exhibition about the defeated overspill plans of the 1970’s

  2. The Luddite exhibition staged to mark the bi-centenary

  3. The Burning of the Westhoughton Mill by the Luddites in 1812 - playlet

  4. The Pretoria Pit Disaster 1910 - highlights of a dvd produced to mark the centenary

  5. Pretoria Pit Disaster Services 2011

  6. Pretoria Pit Disaster Services 2012 and the dedication of a new memorial in Atherton.

Community Videos

  1. Victorian Market 2011

  2. Victorian Fayre 2012

  3. Olympic Torch 2012 coming through Westhoughton

  4. Mayor’s Sunday 2012

  5. Daisy Hill sign

  6. Daisy Hill in Bloom

  7. Eatock Lodge Fun Day

Other Community Videos covering

Victorian Fayre 2014 in the Library and Carnegie Hall

Friends of Westhoughton Station

Westhoughton Forties Day

Washacre School Fayre

Pretoria Pit Disaster

  1. Westhoughton Pottery Group

  2. David Kaye’s Scarecrows at Blackrod Scarecrow Festival 2016

  3. Winter Hill Air Disaster 60 Anniversary Remembrance Service

can be accessed by clicking the link below


For a full length illustrated video abut the Pretoria Pit Disaster, please click on the link below



To view Westhoughton’s Remembrance Day Sunday 2021, please click on the link below