Westhoughton History Group


Westhoughton Local History Group aims to provide something for everyone who is interested in the history and development of Westhoughton through the centuries.

The Group has grown steadily since it was established in 2005 and fortnightly meetings upstairs in Westhoughton Library now attract over 70 members.

Some are content to come and listen to presentations. whilst others are actively researching the history of the town.  Current research is concentrating on Westhoughton in the wake of World War 1 with an exhibition planned to open in late 2018.

A number of publications have already been produced and details of these can be found on this website.

The History Group has also created the following websites :-

www.pretoria.org.uk - dedicated to the Pretoria Pit Disaster when 344 men and boys died following an underground explosion on 21 December 1910. The site includes press reports of the accident and contributions from relatives who lost grandparents at the time. The History Group also produced a dvd to commemorate the centenary.

www.theluddites.org.uk  - dedicated to the burning of the Westhoughton Mill by the Luddites in 1812.

Contact : ted.wisedale@sky.com

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